Intersolar Europe 2024: Sungrow Excels by Unveiling an Impressive Range of Innovative Products and Solutions

June 20, 2024

Munich, Germany, June 19th, 2024 - Sungrow, the global leading PV inverter and energy storage system provider, today stole the show at the Intersolar Europe 2024. Sungrow exhibited approximately 50 renewable energy products and solutions at the event, offering a comprehensive showcase of its offerings. The release of prominent new products garnered significant attention from the audience, sparking a flurry of immediate responses and inquiries at the event.



Newly designed inverter lineup tailor-made for utility-scale power plants

Tailored for utility-scale power plants, the SG350HX-20 string inverter boasts a flexible block design, managing outputs from 3.2 to 8.96MW. Its intelligent I-V curve diagnosis and cleaning functionalities boost yield by over 2%, enhancing performance. The inverter includes a built-in DC switch for automatic fault isolation, enhancing reliability.


Additionally, the SG350HX-20 exhibits excellent grid adaptability, operating stably under weak and strong grid conditions with a stable SCR≥1.1. This inverter enhances the efficiency of utility-scale power plants and contributes to renewable energy's sustainable development, promoting a cleaner, more sustainable future.



Revolutionary C&I solar-plus-storage solution

The innovative PowerStack 200CS liquid-cooled storage solution revolutionizes industrial and commercial energy. With intelligent wireless O&M, it slashes dispatch time by 90%, ensuring swift, efficient operation and boosting overall system performance.


PowerStack 200CS offers comprehensive protection, from individual cells to the entire setup, ensuring safety and reliability for critical applications. Its automatic on-grid/off-grid functionality maintains seamless power delivery, even during fluctuations. Advanced liquid cooling in PowerStack 200CS ensures superior heat dissipation, minimizing cell temperature differences to ≤ 2.5℃. This optimizes performance, extends lifespan, making it a reliable, efficient energy storage solution for various industrial and commercial uses.


The SG150CX string inverter excels with its 48A input current, ideal for accommodating larger PV modules. This product incorporates advanced AFCI 3.0 technology, featuring an extended cable detection range of 450 meters. Meanwhile, it provides comprehensive AC and DC terminal detection functions, coupled with over-temperature protection for added safety. Its intelligent fault detection mechanism further underscores its dependability and performance.



New residential energy solution to boost your eco-friendly home life to new heights of ease

The new microinverters from Sungrow, namely the S600S, S800S, and S1600S, showcase a range of remarkable features that redefine the standards of efficiency and convenience in renewable energy solutions.


With seamless plug-and-play accessories, these microinverters reduce installation time for faster deployment and minimize downtime. They feature intelligent design with self-checks and IV diagnosis for easy installation, maintenance, and system reliability. Their innovative cooling system boosts performance by 6% for optimal output. Wide-area wireless technology extends communication distance by 50%, enhancing flexibility and scalability. These advancements in Sungrow's microinverter lineup represent a significant step forward in renewable energy technology, providing efficiency and convenience.


In addition to the microinverter, Sungrow unveiled its advanced smart home energy management equipment iHomeManager during the expo as well, that ushers in a revolution in domestic appliance interaction. It supports EV charger, heat pump, battery, and inverter, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. Wired and wireless networking options offer flexibility and convenience. The system's AI mode reduces costs, optimizes power usage, and saves money. iHomeManager predicts and prevents power outages, ensuring uninterrupted supply. This innovative solution transforms the domestic landscape, enhancing modern living comfort and convenience.


Utility PV pressure relief and explosion-proof safety design white paper released

As power plant scenarios become more diverse and the complexity of PV systems increases, so does the risk of arc faults.


To address this challenge, Sungrow released its utility PV pressure relief and explosion-proof safety design white paper, it is a technology based on in-depth research into arc faults and stimulation. This technology achieves a perfect balance between high protection and rapid arc extinguishing by improving structural design and incorporating rapid arc extinguishing methods.


Sungrow's pressure relief and explosion-proof safety technology is applied to its entire range of PV inverter systems, including low-voltage cabinets, prefabricated substations, string inverters and modular inverters. These solutions have undergone rigorous international safety testing and certification and meet the requirements of Arc Class C.


At the exhibition, Sungrow proudly showcased its star utility-scale products, including the innovative 1+X modular inverter, the cutting-edge PowerTitan2.0 liquid-cooled energy storage system, the SHT series designed for small industrial and commercial applications, the CX-P2 series of industrial and commercial inverters, as well as a comprehensive range of residential inverters and batteries. By integrating these products with Sungrow's suite of self-developed digital platforms such as iSolarCloud, EMS3000, and iSolarBPS, the company has elevated energy management to a new level of convenience and sophistication.


And Sungrow captivated visitors with its sleek and efficient 7kW and 22kW EV charger, offering rapid charging capabilities with uncompromising safety.


“This year’s Intersolar Europe expo marked a significant milestone for Sungrow, as we introduced numerous groundbreaking new products tailored to meet the diverse needs of the global market, particularly in Europe. It was an honor to participate in the expo again, and we are delighted to announce that Sungrow successfully secured contracts with numerous esteemed partners. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partners for their unwavering support and we eager to build the bridge to a sustainable future together.” Commented by Lewis Li, President of Sungrow Europe.



About Sungrow

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